Sharepoint 2013 Create a Master Page based on Seattle.master with VS 2012

Create a new project:


Configure as a Sandbox Solution:


Add a new Module to your project:


Download a copy of Seattle.master:


Add the copy to your module, rename to CustomMaster.master, and Change your elements.xml file to point to _catalogs\masterpage folder:


Change your masterpage, to include a welcome message:


Deploy your solution and change your Site master page:


Verify that it shows your welcome message:



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9 responses to “Sharepoint 2013 Create a Master Page based on Seattle.master with VS 2012”

  1. Moh'd Insairat says :

    Is it a must to use sandbox solution to deploy a master page?

  2. gurmeet says :

    Hey thank u for this article.
    I m trying to design a new home page . Can you tell me is there any way of downloading a copy of the existing one? (like you did in master page)

    • Raquel A. Pinto says :


      In SharePoint you have 3 concepts, MasterPage (*.master), Page Layout (*.aspx) and the pages you create in your Page’s Library.
      Your home page should be a page created in your Page’s Library, that will use a master page (can be your site master page, or a specific one), and will be based on a custom page layout.
      You can download page layouts from the same directory where you download master pages.
      To have a custom Home Page you can create a custom master page and/or a custom page layout.

      Best Regards

  3. pooky says :

    After deploying my solution, i didn’t find the “Site Master Page Settings” section in my Site Settings. Sharepoint is in French. Could you show me where is this section ?

  4. pooky says :

    Ok, i find. It’s necessary to activate feature “Infrastructure de publication Office SharePoint Server” for site collection and “Publication SharePoint Server”.

  5. Thiago says :

    Hi Raquel,

    I did exactly how you’ve described, but my custom masterpage doesn’t show up in the Site Master Page Settings, only seattle and oslo which are out of the box.

    What I did though was to set the masterpage programmatically on the feature activation and it works fine, the only problem is that I can’t edit it using SharePoint Designer after deployed.

    *I’m not using sandbox solution.

    Great post though.


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