How to install Sharepoint 2013 in a single server with sql server 2012

If you want a single server with SharePoint 2013 and SQL, if you choose a stand-alone installation, you’ll have sql server 2008 express.

If you want to use the sql server 2012, you have to install that first, and do a complete installation of SharePoint 2013.

If you don’t have a domain, when you are creating your farm, you’ll have an error, because you don´t have a domain account.

You need to create your ConfigDB, in Power Shell. Start SharePoint Power Shell as admin and run:


This command wil ask you for Database Name, Data Base Server, FarmCredentials and Passphrase.

After this command, you’ll see in you sql, the new config DB and SharepointAdminContentDB.

Then, you should runagain the SharePoint Configuration Wizzard, and join to na existing farm.

It’ll ask you for the PassPhrase.



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