Sharepoint 2010 Configuration Wizzard Error: Cannot start service SPAdminV4 on computer …

When running SharePoint 2010 Configuration Wizzard It failed, with the error:

“An exception of type system.invalidoperationexception was thrown. Additional exception information: Cannot start service SPAdminV4 on computer”

I tried to manual start “SharePoint Administration Service” in Services console, but I had the error:

“The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.”

I changed my registry, to increase services startup time, as in this article:

  • In Registry Editor, locate, and then right-click the following registry subkey:
  • Point to New, and then click DWORD Value. In the right pane of Registry Editor, notice that New Value #1 (the name of a new registry entry) is selected for editing.
  • Type ServicesPipeTimeout to replace New Value #1, and then press ENTER.
  • Right-click the ServicesPipeTimeout registry entry that you created in step c, and then click Modify. The Edit DWORD Value dialog box appears.
  • In the Value data text box, type TimeoutPeriod, and then click OK

Restart the server and run the Configuration Wizzard with no problems.

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