Sharepoint 2013 LookupSPGroupMembers Workflow Activity

I created  a custom workflow activity that writes to history list all users from a specific group.

In this post I will not explain step by step the details to create a custom activity, you can see that in  (

I’ll be focused on the detail to iterate through group members Dynamic Value result.

My Custom Avctivity is:


I’ll explain now the details of the principal activities.

We need a LookupSPGroupMembers activity that will put the result in a local variable GroupMembers, of type DynamicValue:


This DynamicValue is an  array of DynamicValues, so I”ll get the number of returned elements , I need 2 activities for that (GetDynamicValueProperty, and CountDynamicValueItems from the variable properties).



Next, I need to iterate through the variable GroupMembers to get the loginNames:


I log to HistoryList each LoginName:


The result is:




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