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Office 365 Sharepoint Online – Promoted Sites

If you want to display diferent promoted sites to diferent users or groups, in SharePoint Online My Sites, you can do that with audiences.

Go to your Office 365 SharePoint Online administration, and navigate to “user profiles -> My Site Settings -> Manage Promoted Sites”:

promoted sites


Office 365 Sharepoint Online – External Users

In Office 365 you can give access to your portal, to domain users, or to external users.
To give external users access, you need to go to your office 365 administration, and set your site collection Sharing Properties.


You can define if you want to enable anonymous users or only authenticated accesss:


After saving your settings, you need to go to your Portal, and invite your external users, you need to click on Share, and then enter your external users email and permissions:


Your external users, will receive an invitation email, and after they accept that, they will be able to log on.

You can monitor your invitations at “Site Settings -> Access Requests and Invitations”:



Office 365 Access Services Sample

This post is about how to create an Access Application in Office 365 SharePoint Online.

First you need to create a new Access App. Go to your site menu, and select “Add an app”:


Select the “Access App” option:


Give your app a name and create it, mine is AccessApp1.

Next click in your new application.


Click to open your new application and start adding tables:


You’ll open your application in Access Client, where you can start adding tables based on access templates or create your tables without any template:


In this case I selected the “Book Collection” template and it automatically created the following tables:


Save your new application and start using it in your SharePoint Online Portal. You’ll have automatically the create, edit, list and delete operations available:


Office 365 Sharepoint Sandbox Solution

This post is to show how to use a sandbox solution in office 365.

I used the Sandbox Solution created in the composed looks sample, and deployed the .wsp to my Office Online SharePoint Subscription.

In my Office 365 SharePoint Portal, I went to Site Settings/ Solutions:


Next, uploaded my wsp file:


Selected the Activate button:


And I can start using my solution features, in this case, my custom composed look: